Mankind’s relationship with honeybees stretches back into the dawn of our history. Ancient cave paintings depict the earliest people stealing the bees’ sweet treasure – their golden honey.

“Man of Bicor.” c. 15000 BC. Cueva de la Arana, Valencia, Spain

As well as being a delicious and very special food, honey has long been used as a medicine while the wax from the bees’ honeycomb can be used in candles, soap and cosmetics. The bees give other treasures too. Propolis, royal jelly, pollen and even the venom from the bees’ sting all have medicinal uses. Add to this the important function the bees have in pollinating wild plants and food crops, bees have pollinated every third mouthful we eat, and it’s easy to see why the honeybee is sacred in many cultures and has been venerated throughout time. Beeswax candles are still the nicest anyone can have and there is new interest in the modern use of bee products as medicines.

Beekeeping is a relaxing, profitable and environmentally friendly hobby. Even in today’s world of hurry and bustle bees and beekeeping are as important as ever.

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