Api-bioxal approved by the VMD

The approval by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate of Api-bioxal gives UK beekeepers access for the first time, to a fully registered oxalic acid product. This approval overcomes the uncertainty over the legality of the use of oxalic acid products. According to its manufacturer Chemicals LAIF, (Padua, Italy), the formulation produces a syrup for trickling onto frames in a brood-less colony at the ideal concentration of 4.2% and which results in a treatment producing maximum efficacy (>95%) being well tolerated by the bees. The product can also be used by sublimation. Api-bioxal may be used in winter, on spring swarms and in summer by artificially blocking egg-laying. Api-bioxal does not need a prescription and will be available through the normal channels for bee medications.

For further information please contact Chemicals LAIF

Chemicals LAIF spa – Italy
Tel. 0039 049 626281 – Fax 0039 049 628501 – Web: www.chemicalslaif.it; mail: info@chemicalslaif.it

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