Apimondia 2015 – Daejeon, Korea

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This is the theme of the 44th Apimondia International Beekeeping Congress to be held in Daejeon, South Korea, 15–20 September.

Papers will be presented for each of the Apimondia Commissions which cover Bee Biology, Beekeeping Economy, Bee Health, Pollination and Bee Flora, Beekeeping Technology and Quality, Apitherapy and Beekeeping for Rural Development. There will also be workshops, round table discussions and poster sessions. The deadline for abstracts is 15 June.

Running alongside the lecture programme is the ApiEXPO, giving you a chance to see beekeeping products and services from around the world.

First organised at the Congress in Dublin in 2005, the World Honey Show will also be taking place at the Congress. There are individual classes for all types of honeys, mead, beeswax and various displays. Commercial classes are designed for large-scale producers, traders and packers while the Apimondia Contests are for all those for whom apiculture is an academic field, a professional occupation or a hobby beyond the apiary business itself. Entries must be received by 15 August and to be eligible, you must have registered for the main Congress. Honey entries must be tested by the Korean Beekeeping Association Laboratory before being placed on the showbench.

Details of tours before and after the Congress are due to be announced shortly. A choice of five technical tours will be offered on Sunday 20 September. Destinations include Gwangju, Anseong, Daejeon and the demilitarized zone. All tours include visits to beekeepers and/or beekeeping operations.

Register before 30 June to take advantage of the early-bird rates.

Further details are available on the website (www.apimondia2015.com) and these also include several accommodation options.

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