April Issue: Dave Goulson, Bee Audacious, Indian bees, natural control of bee diseases and lots more.

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There is a ‘must read’ article if you are interested in importing bees from outside the United Kingdom. It’s a straightforward process for the buyer, but there are certain steps that must be followed and are detailed in the article

Do you have experience of importing bees, whether it be queens, nucleii or full colonies? How did you find the process? Would you import again, or have you decided to buy locally bred bees, or breed your own this year?

If you are going to breed your own, do take a look at our article on Queen Rearing by David Rudland. This is the first in a series of articles guiding you through the process.


Grafted Queen Cell

Control of Bee Diseases, naturally.

As spring begins in earnest, we take a look at disease control. We have an article by Francis Ratnieks discusses the use of alternatives to chemicals in the fight against bee diseases. We have articles on the importance of changing comb and controlling swarms. If one of your colonies is failing and you can’t decide on the best course of action do read Rusty Burlew‘s informative article.

When all other methods of control fail, burning frames may be the only way to ensure a disease free apiary.

Around the colony, from India to an English garden

We find out more about beekeeping in India with Stephen Fleming. This month he travels to Mysore and encounters the giant bee Apis dorsata and the tiny bee Apis cerana.

Closer to home we visit a family-friendly apiary and Dave Goulson discusses bumble bee metabolic rates and fossilised bees. We visit the Vaults under Waterloo train station in London to watch a piece of performance art The Swarm. The work is inspired by the recordings from a hive, taking the audience on a journey from the beginnings of a colony to the eventual swarm.

The Swarm at the Vaults

I’m sure that you will enjoy reading the articles that we have for you this month. As always, if you would like to see more of something, less of something, or something that you would like us to cover do let us know.


Here are some links that you might also find useful for more information on some of the topics covered this month

Disease Inspection

Cleaning and disinfecting equipment

More on swarm control





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