Asian Hornet Nest Found


Asian Hornet nest found in Gloucestershire. Photograph from the NBU.

Bee Inspectors from the National Bee Unit (NBU) have found and destroyed an Asian Hornet nest in Gloucestershire.

Since the first Asian Hornet was found and positively identified in Gloucestershire a couple of weeks ago, teams of bee inspectors from our National Bee Unit have been working tirelessly to trap other asian hornets and track them back to their nest. 

Bee Craft’s Wendy Dale has sent the following report:

I happened to bump into a Bee Inspector today who was pleased to say that the Inspectors had found an Asian Hornet nest in the Tetbury area of Gloucestershire which was destroyed on Wednesday.

Inspectors will remain in the area probably for the forthcoming week, but at the time of writing no further sightings of hornets have been reported since Wednesday. They are hopeful that this may be the only nest, but will be staying in the area for the next week to check there are no further sightings.

We hope a full report of their work will be available soon, but in the meantime click here for a link to BeeBase and some of the photographs that were taken.

Well done to our Bee Inspectors!

However, it is advisable to maintain vigilance and remain alert to the possibility of others appearing in other parts of the country, so please spread the good news with this cautionary note.

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