Bee Craft Magazine February Issue

Our February Issue

In the next few days, our February Issue will be waiting for you in your postboxes and inboxes. As the weather worsens, take time to read through Bee Craft while planning your beekeeping for 2017.

As usual, there are plenty of beekeeping articles for you all to enjoy.


Bee Craft February 2017 Cover

We have an article by Andy Bacon who tells us about how he came to keep bees, his first foray into beekeeping was by making his own Warre hive from timber offcuts.

There is also a profile of the 2nd time winner of the Beekeeper of the Year award, Paul Vagg, who is an inspiration to us all.

We continue our series on beekeeping in Turkey with the adventures of Mick Flower and his honey bees.

One of the new deputy editors at Bee Craft, Richard Rickitt, tests out a couple of new gadgets that you may find useful in your apiary.

There is an article that all beekeepers should read about infection control and the old adage that prevention is better than cure. When did you last wash your bee suit?

Beginners will hopefully enjoy our look into late winter feeding. How to stock up in time for the early spring feeding which may be necessary is also covered. This is especially important if your winter has been mild, your colony is young, or they have eaten much of their stores.

We would really like to know what you think of Bee Craft.

Is there a topic that you would like to know more about? something we could be doing better or something we should be doing less of?

Something we could be doing better or something we should be doing less of?

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If you have a question about beekeeping that you would like us to answer, leave a comment on our Hangouts page, and we’ll try and answer it during our next Bee Craft Hangout, or in the next issue of our magazine:


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