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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 1st August 2018

With your supers removed from the hives, now is the time for a thorough inspection for disease and assessment of the strength of your colonies.You need strong, healthy, queen right colonies to over winter. Any that are under strength (less than 5 frames of brood) consider combining.

It is very tempting to think, ’let’s give the colony a chance’, but it is most likely they will not survive the winter. Combining with another colony gives them a much better chance of survival.

If you suspect your bees have disease, don’t hesitate to call in your local bee inspector whose details can be found on the National Bee Unit site here . If this is necessary you will find the inspector to be very supportive and knowledgeable which provides you with an opportunity to learn a great deal.

There are a great many sources of quality photographs of the various diseases that can affect honeybees. Our Apiary Guide contains them and they are all available on the NBU site.

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