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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 22nd August 2018

This week, check the varroa trays you put under last week.  Count up the number of varroa and divide it by the number of days since you placed the tray under to give you a daily varroa drop. Check this against the NBU guidelines as you need to multiply your varroa drop by varying numbers at different times of year to get an indication of the likely number in your colony.

Plan your treatment and ensure you have the necessary quantity ready to use.  BUT ???

Do you have Himalayan Balsam in your area?  Are your bees coming back covered in streaks of white pollen?  Along with Ivy this a good late nectar source.  If you are lucky enough to anticipate a crop from this source, don’t treat for varroa yet unless you use MAQs strips which are the only treatment that can be used with supers on the hive. Instead this can provide your colony with a good source for their winter stores and can be left on the hive.

Photo: Vita Europe

It is important to be aware of the plants around your apiary that can provide nectar/pollen for your colony throughout the year.

Keep an eye on the Bee Plant of the Month page in each issue of Bee Craft and perhaps purchase a 12 month compilation in our Bee Plants of the Month publication.


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