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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 29th August 2018

The deadline to enter your honey in the National Honey Show is very close.  Check out the various classes of entry and decide which you want to enter – either into the National or your local/county association honey and wax competitions.

Very brief tips for entries learned from personal experience:

Ensure you use the correct jars.  There are specific jars to be used for showing.  Labelling is also very important so take note of the required positions.

If entering a sealed frame of honey in a glass show case, be aware that when looking ‘through’ the frame it is important there is no pollen within it and that the capping is as complete as possible across both sides of the frame.  Ensure you check where the labels should go as I believe they should go on both the frame and the case.  Clean the wood around the honeycomb.

If entering several jars of honey, do not mix the content of one jar from more than one extraction.  Different honeys do not mix well and this can be seen by the experienced honey judges that will be looking!!

On the day of judging, do not open the jars or change the lids as this releases too much of the stored aroma of your wonderful honey!

Complete guidelines will be available for each show, many of which will be in line with those of the National Honey Show but make sure you double check for the relevant show.

And good luck!

Photo: A torch is shone through a jar of clear honey to check clarity and absence of granulation or particles of foreign matter – Margaret Davies

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