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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 29th November 2017

All is well in your apiary, your equipment is on the way to being ready for next year, but before you sit back and relax, there’s a bit more to do. 
Wash your beesuit using washing soda in a 60 degree wash to remove propolis.
Wash your veil in a similar solution in your bath or under the shower – perhaps not quite so hot!
Clean, sterilise and dry, ready to store, everything you use in your apiary – your solution buckets, hive tools, Queen marking kit, smoker etc.
Early tip for next year picked up from my local Bee Inspectors: Buy some disposable shower caps to cover the bellows of your smoker, using a new one for each apiary. These protect the part of the smoker you are continually touching, are easily disposable and mean less likelihood of transferring disease between your apiaries. Just make sure you don’t cover the air hole at the bottom!
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