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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 5th July 2017

Varroa on a tray from under a mesh floor. Photo: Margaret Cowley

The National Bee Unit have reported that in some regions of the UK, colonies are starting to show symptoms of high levels of Varroa mites, for example wing deformities and perforated cappings. Therefore, it might be prudent to start monitoring colony mite populations.

If you want to get an idea of the size of the problem in your colonies this link ( ) takes you to the calculator on their site.

If you need to treat, the ONLY treatment that can be used while honey supers intended for human consumption remain on the hive are MAQS strips.

Remember that any treatment must be recorded and retained for 5 years.  Our Apiary Guide contains a sheet for recording this information.

Your largest colonies are the most in danger – I am speaking from my first year experience when I lost my best colony to varroa.

An alternative is to give your bees a brood break which was covered in our last hangout (June 13th see the video below).
No doubt our next hangout on Thursday 13th July will cover varroa treatments once honey has been removed.

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