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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – 8th August 2018

Those blighters are around again! Wasps, of course!

In the spring they are of particular use as they feed their young protein from dead bees/insects, so are performing an environmental cleaning task.

However, at this time of year they are after the honey from your hives and can destroy a colony.

So, reduce the entrances to your hives to give the guard bees a smaller entrance to protect against these invaders and put out wasp traps if it is a big problem.

There are several designs of trap which can be bought ready made with lure included or you can make your own. The important thing is to ensure the liquid is of no interest to your honeybees.

A simple version is to use a plastic litre drink bottle. Cut the top off and place it upside down in the bottom. This creates an entrance into the mixture but will not allow the wasps back out. Make up a mixture of a ‘dollop’ of cheap jam, a bit of beer, and plenty of water.  A drop or two of washing up liquid breaks down surface tension and helps them to drown more quickly. Place this in your Apiary.”

Photos: Richard Rickitt

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