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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – April 12th 2017

Photo: Pauline Aslin

If the temperature rises above about 15 degrees Celsius, carry out a detailed inspection and record your findings. You can carry out an inspection of your hives any day it is warm and calm. A temperature of 14 to 16 degrees is ideal.

The aim is to ascertain whether

  • there is a queen who is laying worker eggs at a reasonable rate
  • there is enough food to last through a period of bad weather
  • there are any diseases or pests which need urgent treatment
  • the frames in the hive are arranged correctly to allow for a rapid expansion in population.

It’s a lovely feeling when your first inspection reveals that all is well, but sometimes that is not the case and you need to decide how to proceed. You will need to know what to look for and what your options are. Rusty Burlew gives

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