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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – March 1st 2017

Decide how you will keep your hive records this season, and look back at last years’ records to help you plan the year ahead

Keeping inspection records is important. Read what Malcolm Clark has to say on page 21 of your March Bee Craft.

Records will help you remember what you have done, so you can plan and prepare for what you need to do; they can help you choose the best colonies to breed from; they can help you look back and learn what not to do! You are required by law to keep records of any medicines you administer, and this includes varroa treatments.

Some beekeepers write detailed notes, others use abbreviations to make a note of key points. It doesn’t matter – so long as it suits you and your method of beekeeping. You can start with ready-made note cards, but if they don’t suit, adapt them so that you are at ease using them and can understand your notes when you read them again later.

Bee Craft has produced some record cards as part of our popular apiary guides set

Apiary Guide Multipack (full set of guides including record cards)

Record cards and instructions

Re-fill record cards only

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