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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – April 4th 2018

Make up some frames with foundation
The large trade shows in the spring are a great opportunity to pick up some fresh wax foundation. You will be needing it very soon. If you will be within range of Oil Seed Rape and the weather warms up (!), you may need supers in the not too distant future. Early spring is also a good time to think about replacing old brood frames, while the brood nest is still small and some of the frames do not yet have brood but have been emptied of stores. It is essential when putting fresh (undrawn) foundation on the hive that there is either a nectar flow or you are feeding syrup so the bees can draw the comb.

There was a very useful series of 3 articles by Jenny and Wally Shaw in Bee Craft February, March and April 2015, covering choice of frames and foundation, how to make up a frame and how to get your combs drawn out. The February article covers assembling frames and fitting foundation. In Jenny and Wally’s own words:

‘What’s so difficult about that?’ I hear someone saying. ‘Surely it’s not rocket science?’ Well, we have visited quite a few different apiaries over the years and have seen many poorly assembled frames. In fact, if there is any variation of incorrect we haven’t seen we would be very surprised.

It’s easy to get hold of back copies of Bee Craft. Electronic copies can be obtained from the Bee Craft webshop. They are £14 for a full year (12 monthly issues).

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