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Bee Craft Timely Reminder – March 8th 2017

Feeding syrup. Photo Margaret Cowley

Be ready to act in an emergency

Unpredictable weather can make life very difficult for the bees. The queens are laying and the workers are more active. They will be using their stores rapidly and foraging for water to soften granulated stores. During the colder months you should feed fondant, but by now it should be warm enough to feed syrup if they need it. Light syrup mimics nectar and could be used in warmer weather on active colonies. A colony that is less active and very light may require a thicker syrup as an emergency feed.

What to feed and when is much discussed among beekeepers and many will have their own preferences based on personal experience. Newer beekeepers will benefit from Malcolm Clarke’s advice for beginners on page 22 of the March Bee Craft.

There is also information on feeding bees (when and how, and different types of feeder) on the Bee Craft website.

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