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Cleaning and Disinfecting Equipment


Old equipment can harbour pests and diseases. It is good practice to clean and disinfect second-hand hive parts and equipment before putting them into use, and to do the same to equipment that is not in use over winter.

Hive Cleaning, Sterilisation and Good Practices

Jason Learner, Technical Advisor, National Bee Unit

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Hive Cleaning, Bee Craft Feb 2015

The National Bee Unit publish a number of guidelines and fact sheets on Bee Base: 

  • Best Practice Guideline No.      3 – Apiary and hive hygiene (updated September 2011)
  • Second-hand Equipment (pdf) updated June 2013
  • Apiary Hygiene and      Quarantine (pdf) updated October 2013
  • Fumigating Comb (pdf) Updated Dec 2010
  • Disinfection (pdf) Updated February 2011
  • Plastic Hives (pdf) Updated April 2013

Hygiene in the apiary(A manual for hygienic beekeeping) A publication from BeeShop, The European research project ‘Bees in Europe and Sustainable Honey Production’  Edited by Dalibor Titera, BRI Dol 2009