Beekeeping Photos of the week – Week 29

Quite an unsettled week this week for some of us – it has ended well in the South of the UK but we know Beekeeping photos of the weekScotland has really suffered. Whatever weather you have had in your area, I hope you have still been able to make the most of it either way.

This weeks #BeeCraftPhoto collection has some wonderful imagery and I am pleased to welcome the campaign behind BEElieveinthebees who have a wonderful campaign to raise awareness of the plight of the honey bee to both youths and adults – well worth following their progress using #BEElieveinthebees

I hope you enjoy our Beekeeping Photos of the week



A photo posted by @petebeez on

Getting bees out of a wall today. Thought I’d do a little b&w. #blackandwhite #bees #beekeeping #BeeCraftPhoto

A photo posted by Hilary Kearney (@girlnextdoorhoney) on

I finally found the queen and successfully marked her #savethebees #beecraftphoto

A photo posted by Ryk Turner (@kradonthebass) on

Bee Squad Amy!! A brilliant artist and beekeeper. #loveyourbees #umnbeesquad

A photo posted by Sarah Bee Girl (@sarahbeegirl) on

#bees loving the #pollen on this #palm tree #flower #molokai #savethebee #beehappy #beeseason #honey

A photo posted by MolokaiGold (@fama_man) on

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