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Carry out a very quick inspection of your bees in the middle of a warm day

DSC00926If it is too cold to inspect the bees then just watch them flying and if they are bringing in pollen, everything should be fine as long as they have enough stores. The temperature should be at least 13-14 degrees centigrade (C) for a quick look at the bees (lasting a few minutes only if a chilly wind is blowing) and over 15-16 degrees C for a 10-15 minute look.

5 reasons for opening up to look at the colony are:-

1. Is there a laying queen in the colony or if this is a quick look, is there brood in all stages present?

2. Are there enough stores to last until the next inspection?

3. Is there any sign of disease?

4. Is there sufficient comb space?

5. Record the number of frames they cover so that next time you look you can see if they are expanding and developing as they should.

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