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Protecting Comb From Wax Moth

Wax moth cocoon and larvae. Photograph: Margaret Cowley

Bridget Beattie Bee Craft September 2011 There are two species, commonly known as the Greater Wax moth and – wait for it – the Lesser Wax moth. Their Latin binomial names are Galleria mellonella and Achroia grisella respectively. Why are they important, these dull relatives of butterflies? Because they live in hives and given half […]

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Bee Craft Expands its Mobile Availability


NOW AVAILABLE FOR BOTH APPLE AND ANDROID James Dearsley (Bee Craft’s Marketing Manager) For a few years now we at Bee Craft have been looking at how to offer you more from your subscription. We have also sought a way for the magazine to evolve into its next life cycle. Since its inception Bee Craft has […]

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The Bicentenary of Revd Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth: Part 2


2010 CELEBRATED the 200th anniversary of the birth of Lorenzo Lorraine Langstroth, the beekeeper from Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Ohio, with the vision, the wisdom and most importantly the practical experience to develop a beehive utilising the so-simple, but so-important concept of the movable frame and bee space.   Full Article from Bee Craft – January […]

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The Asian Hornet: Part 1


From Bee Craft September 2011 Introduction – Biology THE ASIAN hornet, Vespa velutina, is an aggressive predator of honey bees and other beneficial insects. Physically, it is superficially similar to the native European hornet, V crabro, but despite its fearsome reputation V velutina is slightly smaller (2.5–3 cm long). It has a dark ‘velvety’ thorax, […]

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Introducing the Tree Bumble Bee


The ‘Tree Bumblebee’, Bombus hypnorum, is a recent addition to the UK fauna. Despite this, it will already be familiar to many beekeepers in England and Wales, since it can be the cause of phone calls -‘Help, there’s a bee swarm in my bird-box!’ Read the full article here: INTRODUCING THE TREE BUMBLEBEE

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The Buzz at Weybridge The Greatest (Honey) Show on Earth


From Bee Craft January 2011 THE 79™ NATIONAL HONEY Show took place over 28-30 October 2010 and promised so much. The relatively successful honey producing season and the unimaginable upsurge in interest in beekeeping required The Show’ to deliver in so many ways. I can confidently report that on almost every count the show definitely […]

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Video – Bee Craft Hangout – The Swarming Season is Upon Us

This is the 2nd Bee Craft Hangout and here, as we approach, or indeed are in the swarming part of the year we will be discussing various swarming techniques and answering your questions. Tuesday 29th April 2014 at 8pm

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Video – Bee Craft Hangout – The Start of the Beekeeping Season

What with the warm weather, the 2014 Beekeeping season has started to get underway. Join us as we discuss what to look out for and what to expect.  Should be a fun time to sit and discuss our thoughts and wishes for the season as well as learn lots of new little titbits of information […]

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European Foul Brood: Part 3


FIRSTLY, IT is important to remember that European foul brood (EFB) is a notifiable disease under the 2006 Bee Diseases and Pests Control Order. Anyone suspecting it in one of their colonies is legally required to contact Fera (the Food and Environment Research Agency) to have the colony properly inspected. Read the full article in […]

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Swarm Prevention & Swarm Control


TO SOME people, swarm control and swarm prevention are interchangeable in meaning. I think there is a difference in that one comes into play when the other fails. I think swarm prevention is what you do to stop bees from making swarming preparations and swarm control is what you do when you think the swarming […]

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