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The European Reference Laboratory for Honey Bee Health – Part 1

Mike Brown and Gay Marris, PhD, National Bee Unit (NBU) The Sophia-Antipolis Laboratory of ANSES takes on this important role BEEKEEPING IS practised throughout the European Union (EU), both at the amateur and the professional level. There are estimated to be 700,000 beekeepers in the EU, the vast majority of whom (97%) are non-professional (EU, […]

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Beautiful Beeswax Candles

Claire Waring We look at dealing with beeswax and using it to make candles ALTHOUGH MOST people think beekeepers do it for the honey, there are other hive by-products that can be used. One of the major ones is beeswax, the main source of which, particularly for a beginner, will be the cell cappings, removed […]

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All About Acarine (Acarapis woodi (Rennie))

Pam Gregory, MSc, NDB This mite lives in the respiratory system of adult bees AFTER THE long drawn out and complicated diseases investigated in earlier articles, acarine is a mercifully straightforward one. The tautologically named acarine mite (or tracheal mite in the United States) is, as its more precise American name suggests, a mite parasitic […]

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Honey Bee Temper: Those Other Variables

John Mitchell Observations on bee temper from 25 years ago FOR MANY years I have been fascinated by talk of good-tempered and bad-tempered bees. In my early days of beekeeping, I labelled all of my colonies in either category. However, in the course of a season, I could well reverse my opinion. What I had […]

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Bee Craft October 2011 – Letters

Feeding I would like to ask why we feed different types and mixes of feed to our bees? There is fondant and syrup with various degrees of strength (and no doubt others advocate other feeds) and then these can only to be used at certain times of the year. Is there any modern, verified research […]

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Around the Colony- Bee Craft Magazine October 2011 pg5

Winter Open Studio
Art Show
This exhibition at
Wimbledon Art Studios
from 24–27 November
features an artist called
Anna Masters who
paints a range of
insects, including

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Around the Colony

Following a dispute between Mr Bablok, a beekeeper, and Freistaat Bayern, Germany, the European Court of Justice has ruled that honey and food supplements containing pollen derived from genetically modified organisms (GMO) are foodstuffs produced from GMOs which cannot be marketed without prior authorisation. The pollen is itself no longer a GMO when it has lost its ability to reproduce and is totally incapable of transferring genetic material.

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For Your Bookshelf – pg2

Hannah and the Honey Bees Alison Simms, illustrated by Terry Gable Many books about bees and beekeeping written for children look at these fascinating insects from the outside. Hannah and the Honey Bees is different in that here we see a child’s eye view of the inside of a colony. Eight-year-old Hannah starts to help […]

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For Your Bookshelf

Another selection of new books for your interest and education Better Bee Keeping Kim Flottum Kim Flottum has already written about beekeeping for beginners and beekeeping for harvesting the various products of a beehive (see Bee Craft, August 2011, page 40). He has now written Better Beekeeping for those who are serious about their beekeeping […]

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Making a Hive Stand

Nigel Fleming A design of beehive stand to improve the keeping of bees in today’s climate and to help with varroa control, not forgetting the beekeeper’s back! I have been giving a lot of thought to the design of a stand suitable for most modern beehives and which would be easy for the average DIY […]

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