Frames and Foundation

Coming up in the March 2015 issue of Bee Craft….

Part 2 of Jenny and Wally Shaw’s series on frames and foundation.

  • Part 1 (in the February issue) covered choice of frames and foundation;
  • part 2 is all about making up frames;
  • part 3 will be about getting combs drawn out.

Look out for Part 2 in your March issue:

This article covers assembling frames and fitting foundation. ‘What’s so difficult about that?’ I hear someone saying.
‘Surely it’s not rocket science?’ Well, we have visited quite a few different apiaries over the years and have seen many poorly assembled frames. In fact, if there is any variation of incorrect we haven’t seen we would be very surprised.

The equipment needed for nailing up a frame

The equipment needed for nailing up a frame photo by Jenny and Wally Shaw

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