Honey: all you need to know

Bee-Craft-Live-LogoWe hope you enjoy our latest Hangout about Honey. It should cover all you need to know and includes questions like:


Question 1/ What is honey and how do bees make it

A general discussion about the make up of honey and then what bees will do to obtain nectar and then make it into honey.

Question 2/ What are the best times to extract honey and what are the best tips for extracting honey?

There were some great tips given here and a few questions came in about creaming honey and how best to do this.

Question 4/ Oil Seed Rape and Heather honey what are the tips on working with these more solid state products?

There was a lot of discussion about the use of heat and whether it should be done or not. 

Question 5/ If I want to show my honey what do I need to consider?
 Michael gave some great ideas on how to get the best from your honey and what judges look out for.  

Question 6/ If I want to sell my honey what do I need to consider?
We hope you enjoy the discussion and do look out for next months show at www.bee-craft.com/hangout which will be talking about Beekeeping Photography.
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