July Issue: Machester Bees, Oilseed Rape Honey, how to produce cut comb and a Taranov board

In the July Issue of Bee Craft, you will find the usual wonderful selection of articles about Beekeeping.

It’s been very difficult to not notice the images of Manchester’s bees in the press over the past couple of months. Take a look at our article on why Manchester has adopted the worker bee as it’s symbol of unity.

Our Editor, Claire Waring, shares her experiences and tips on dealing with oilseed rape honey.

It’s the peak of swarm season and Derek Mitchell has written an insightful article on the Taranov board and how it can be used to perform an artificial swarm when your queen is unmarked or proving elusive.

If you are intending on producing cut comb this year, and it seems to be gaining in popularity year on year, take a look at Malcolm Clarke’s article for beginners.

The next part of our series on breeding your own queens is on page 24 and details what you need to do with your queen cells once they are sealed.

The media has been awash with news about a new innovation in beekeeping: The Flow Hive. How effective is this hive that is designed for honey harvesting without the need to remove the supers? Bee Craft has just received one to test. Find out the details of assembly this issue.

We also have an informative article by Rusty Burlew, the author of the blog Honey Bee Suite on keeping pets safe around apiaries and what to do if they do get stung.

Don’t forget to subscribe and receive our August issue around the 18th of July and learn about top bar hives and also the life of a swarm catcher.


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