On the German Border – pg2

From: Page 20
Bee Craft Digital September 2011

Bee-Craft-Sept-11-pg20woodland. From here, the bees fly out like bullets from a gun, heading for the field of Felger’s ‘bee mix’. As we walk along the edge of the field, listening to the hum of insects busy on the Viper’s bugloss, Felger reflects on the ups and downs of the last 20 years. ‘Often,’ he says, ‘you find yourself facing a blank wall. But then something comes along, and you find a way over the wall and move on. I have been very lucky; I have had the support of a boss who allows me the freedom to do what I think is best.’


Felger also has the support of his wife, Daniela, who packages and sells his seed mixes in local shops. Seeds are also sold by the Town Council, but in some ways, the project is a victim of its own success. The premises of the Stadtgärtnerei are becoming too small to handle the 4.5 tonnes of seed that pass through each year, and the sales side is now contracted out to a commercial company, leaving Felger more time to develop new mixes. His hope is that, if funds allow, the Stadtgärtnerei will be expanded. But whatever happens, it is clear that this modest and generous man will continue to bring his magic to the streets of Mössingen.

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