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September Issue

As the summer draws to a close and our minds turn towards hopefully harvesting the honey from our hives, keep an hour or two free to read your September issue of Bee Craft. We hear from teenage beekeepers, visit the UK’s first traditional tree hive, learn more about feeding our bees, find out who will be giving the Bee Craft Research lectures at the National Honey Show and lots lots more.


Tree Beekeeping

Johnathan Powell works on the entrance hole of the hive.

Richard Rickitt was with Johnathan Powell when he built the UK’s first traditional tree hive in Wiltshire. Find out about the interesting history of tree hives across Europe and how the project Tree Beekeeping International is introducing tree beehives into forests throughout Europe.



Allotment Bees

As awareness grows of how and where our food is produced, the popularity of allotmenteering has increased. Keeping bees for their honey can be seen as the next step in growing our own food. If your garden is too small, then putting a hive on your allotment may be a viable option. This article by Stephen Fleming covers issues which you may like to keep in mind when considering this, and also has some guidelines that you may like to use.


Bees Sans Frontiers

In July teenage beekeepers from all over the world descended on the small town of Marlborough in Wiltshire for a unique meeting, the International Meeting of Young Beekeepers. Find out what happens when a group of like-minded young people meet and compete against each other in beekeeping competitions in the article and what happened when the BBC Countryfile cameras turned up.

BBC Countryfile at the IMYB Gathering


Did you catch Hive Alive on the BBC at the end of July?

In the September issue, we return to take a closer look at the hive monitoring system, this time seeing how conditions in the hive alter as swarming takes place.

You can see clips from the programme here


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