Some timely advice

The recent weather has left colonies very weak. Strongest colonies are on 5/6 frames, weakest on 2/3. At last the drying cold winds from the east have died down, to be replaced by damp weather from the west, and temperatures have risen a little. The next 2/3 weeks are critical to many colonies’ survival, and I advocate a syrup feed to all colonies, however strong. If possible fed them Ambrosia (or similar) as this is inverted and gives less work for the bees to process. Otherwise feed them a strong sugar solution.

Those drying winds have left bees dehydrated. If spring flowers do not emerge in the next 7/14 days, consider a pollen substitute feed.

Hopefully spring will now take off and the emergency will be lifted – but please be cautious.

The above advice was provided by Andrew Beer of Buckinghamshire Beekeepers. It was also circulated by Bedfordshire Beekeepers and we felt it worth repeating here. Conditions may vary somewhat in other parts of the UK, but wherever you are, this is a critical time of year as colonies start to build up and spring flowers are still in short supply.

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