Subscription Help

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How can I read Bee Craft on my mobile device?

You can read Bee Craft on most Mobile and Tablet Devices – you need to go to your appropriate App Store – for Apple devices click here and for Android devices click here.

Need more help? Here is a video to help you through the process
How do I know if my device is an Android device?
Most mobile phones and tablet computers that are not Apple will be Android devices. You can find a definitive list here.
Is Bee Craft available on Kindle Devices?
Yes were happy to be providing access from Kindle Fire devices. This is included with all subscriptions
When I log on for the first time all previous editions are asking me to pay to download. Why is this?
Sadly, this is an issue we have no control over and is due to both Android and Apple terms and conditions. There is no way of them knowing when you started your subscription with Bee Craft other than when you use the App for the first time. Therefore all previous editions you would need to pay for but all subsequent editions will obviously be free.
I have logged on as usual and it says I have to pay for this latest download. Why is this?
There may be two issues here. Firstly your annual subscription could have expired. Please e-mail Katie to renew at Alternatively there may have been an issue with the way the file was uploaded to the programme. Please notify if this is the case.