The Great British Bee Count

The Great British Bee Count is back! From 1-31 May 2015


The Great British Bee Count is helping to build a nationwide picture of bees’ health. There’s currently no accurate picture of the condition of bees in the UK.
We know that bees are going hungry and homeless. A big problem is the loss of their vital habitat, with 97% of wildflower meadows gone in the past 60 years.
Already more than 20 species of bee have become extinct – and more than a quarter are under threat.
We can’t take bees for granted. These little creatures provide an essential link in our food chain – every day we eat fruit and vegetables pollinated by bees.
The Great British Bee Count helps experts to assess the practical steps needed to reverse the decline in bees; to see where our garden friends are thriving and where they’re in trouble. This information about location and numbers is crucial, so thanks to all of you who took part.
Before the Great British Bee Count in 2015, you can help bees by making a Bee & Bee, a special home for bees that provides food, water and a nesting space.

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