The January issue of Bee Craft Magazine

The January issue of Bee Craft Magazine will arrive in your post boxes next week, hopefully before the festive period begins in earnest. The magazine will feature some interesting articles for beekeepers of all levels. Read on to find out about some of the articles we have for you in Bee Craft this month.

* There is an article by Tom Seeley and Ann Chilcott about waggle dancing and their attempts to decode the dances and follow the directions to the best forage sites.

* As we embark on our 99th year as Bee Craft magazine we bring you a sneak peek from the January issues of 1967 and 1992, there will also be more Articles from the Archives in future issues as we approach our centenary year.

* We will also conclude our investigations into the flow hive with the fourth and final part of our series by Larry Fisher if you want to read the previous parts of our flow hive experience then you can buy single back issues from our app or why not buy a year’s worth of back issues of Bee Craft for £14.

* You may know what a bee shed is but do you know what a bee house is? In the January issue we look inside a Ukrainian apiary house. Maybe something to create before the spring if you have the space near your apiary?

* Are you hankering after your first colony and maybe looking at courses to start in the new year? Why not take a look at our new beginner series Starting Out written by Malcolm Clarke, the president of the Guildford division of Surrey Beekeepers Association. He will tell you how he keeps bees rather than tell you how to keep yours. After nearly half a century keeping bees, Malcolm is an experienced beekeeper with lots of valuable advice that he will be sharing with Bee Craft readers over the next 12 months.

* The Battle of the Regions was a big draw at the London Honey Show this year with the award for beekeeper of the year also being awarded. To find out the name of the winner look at page 27 in your January issue. Keep an eye out for our February issue when we will have an in-depth profile of the winner.

* Don’t forget if you’re looking for new supplies in the new year then the latest sales from all the major suppliers are advertised in our January issue of Bee Craft magazine.

If you’d like a copy of the January issue, then subscribe before 5pm on Friday the 15th and we’ll pop your first issue of Bee Craft in the post. You can subscribe to our online editions at any time.

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