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Timely Reminder – 13th January 2016


Healthy Brood. Picture by Waugsberg

There is more to ‘preparing for spring’ than cleaning up hive parts and tidying up your apiary. This is a good time of year to read up on beekeeping practices and bee diseases to prepare you for the season ahead. Look through your old copies of Bee Craft for articles that interest you. Read up on bee diseases: every beekeeper should be confident in identifying healthy brood and therefore prepared to ask for advice if they spot something unusual.

Are you registered on Bee Base (the National Bee Unit’s website)? Check out their site for the information and guidance available, and make sure you know the contact details for your local bee inspector, should you need them. Bee Base:

Book: Healthy Bees are Happy Bees by Pam Gregory

Healthy Bees are Happy Bees is a comprehensive guide to bee health and sickness. The book details beekeeping problems, pests, parasites and diseases in depth and offers practical guidance rooted in beekeeping experience about preventing, controlling or curing threats to bee colonies to encourage more sustainable beekeeping practice. Environmental considerations, the effects of food, genetics, health and hygiene and the interactions of bees with the weather all combine to bring a new and holistic approach to the topic. This book presents the reader with an in-depth examination of all aspects of bee diseases in a way that has not previously been available in a single book.

See the information in our Beekeeping Information Centre on how to check for brood diseases:

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