Understanding Bee Anatomy

Understanding Bee Anatomy

by Ian Stell

Northern Bee Books or www.understandingbeeanatomy.com

ISBN 978-0-9574228-0-3; 200 pages £27

Ian Stell gained his Master Beekeeper qualification in 2010,

picking up the Wax Chandlers’ award at the same time. His

book has been written in collaboration with Electron

Microscopy Research Services at Newcastle University

Medical School.

This full colour book is packed with detailed images to

help the reader understand bee anatomy. They include

close up photos of external anatomy and dissections,

electron microscoscope images, sections viewed under a

light microscope and labelled computer graphic

interpretations of the other images. The latter are

particularly good as they allow the reader to understand

what is what in the other images which would otherwise

be difficult to the untrained eye.

My only misgiving with this book is that it is almost too

detailed. Someone studying for the British Beekeepers’

Association modules, or even the National Diploma in

Beekeeping would find it useful as a reference book, but

might be overwhelmed by the quantity of photographs.

Also I looked in vain for the dissection of the thoracic

trachaeae to monitor for the acarine mite, so beloved by

examiners. This would have been helpful to candidates of

the Advanced Husbandry examination.

Margaret Cowley

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