The Winners Have Been Announced!

Bee Craft Photographic Competition 2015

Once again, the standard of entries was high. Our readers continue to come up with stunning photographs, a good range of subject matter (all bees and beekeeping-related) and some amusing situations too. 12 winners have at last been chosen. The pictures will feature on the front cover of Bee Craft each month in 2016, as well as appearing in the 2017 Bee Craft Calendar.

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Winners are:

Jude Cartwright (January)1601 Jan, Cartwright, Judith 62
Susan Kimber (February)1602 Feb, Kimber, Susan 62

Martin Gilmore (March)1603 Mar, Gilmore, M 62
Wendy Noblet (April)1604 Apr, Noblet, Wendy 62
Paul Clarke (May)1605 May, Clarke, Paul 62
Raymond Scrafield (June)1606 Jun, Scrafield, Raymond 62
Mario Lopez-Leclair (July)1607 Jul, Lopez-Leclair, Mario 62
Karla Eisen (August)1608 Aug, Eisen, Karla 62
Martin Major (September)1609 Sep, Major, Martin 62
Nik Nimbus (October)1610 Oct, Nimbus, Nik 62
Barbara Woodbine (November)1611, Woodbine, Barbara, scan
Susan Kimber (December)1612 Dec, Kimber, Susan, 62, SK_201501


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