What is Bee Craft Magazine?

Bee Craft is the UK's best selling monthly beekeeping magazine with the largest paid circulation. It is known as ‘The Informed Voice of British Beekeeping’ and is published by Bee Craft Ltd which also publishes a wide range of beekeeping books and booklets.

The magazine contains up to date articles on all practical aspects of beekeeping, descriptions of how to get the best out of beekeeping equipment, looks at beekeeping around the UK and abroad, and presents science and research in easily understood language.

The magazine in its current format has 48 A4 size pages in full colour in both printed and online editions. It is the magazine for both the experienced beekeeper and those starting their journey with the craft.

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Bee Craft Books and Booklets

Of the books, Bee Craft is particularly proud of ‘Honey Bee Inside Out’ about the internal workings of the honey bee and ‘Honey Bee Around and About’ about the environment in which the honeybee finds itself, both written by Celia Davis.

Other books include ‘Healthy Bees are Happy Bees’ by Pam Gregory, ‘Practical Microscopy’ by Bob Maurer, ‘The Honeybee Illustrated’ by Margaret Cowley and ’Bee Plants of the Month’ by Bridget Beattie

All these books are valued by BBKA exam candidates.

What is Bee Craft Ltd?

Bee Craft Ltd was created as a limited company in 1949 and is dedicated to bringing the latest ideas and techniques to beekeepers in the most easily understood way. It is managed by a group of highly experienced directors who work in conjunction with a team of consultants that provide day to day services.

Representatives of the company attend many shows and conventions around the UK. The company is particularly proud of the sponsorship support given to young researchers who present their work at the annual National Honey Show.

Bee Craft's Achievements

Bee Craft has won a number of medals for both the magazine and some of its books, including the prestigious gold medal for magazine publication on two occasions at Apimondia, the biennial international beekeeping conference held in various locations around the world.

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Who Started Bee Craft?

Kent Beekeepers’ Association launched ‘Bee Craft’ as a county beekeeping journal in 1919. Surrey joined in 1921 and by 1928 thirteen Associations, including Yorkshire with the largest membership, had come in one by one.

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Who Owns Bee Craft Ltd?

At the present time, 53 county and district associations have shareholdings in Bee Craft Ltd. The annual general meeting for shareholders is usually held in May. Although Bee Craft Ltd is an ordinary commercial company, it has in practice been run as a non-profit making organisation for the benefit of member associations, the BBKA and beekeeping generally.

Company Details

Bee Craft Ltd (Bee Craft) is a private limited company incorporated in England and Wales.

Registered Address*: Bee Craft Ltd, National Agricultural Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ
Company Registration Number: 463112
VAT Registration Number: 210833307

*If you wish to send post to Bee Craft, please use the PO BOX 484 address shown on our Contact Us page.

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