"I have been meaning to write since Christmas about my subscription to Bee Craft. My mum set it up for me for a Christmas present and although I'd asked for this, I then totally forgot. You sent me my first magazine in a blank envelope with a sticker saying 'to be opened on Christmas Day'. Because I'd forgotten I'd asked Mum about this, it was a total surprise when I opened it. I wanted to say thank you for your kindness in taking such care to ensure it was a nice surprise. I really appreciate it. I've been enjoying the magazine immensely and I know that I'll be asking for the same Christmas present from Mum next year!"
Kate S - April 2017

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Jayne D - November 2017

"I wanted to thank you for sending my mums magazine so quickly, it arrived on her birthday which was perfect!"
Tim C - July 2010

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Susan E - July 2010

"By the way, he’s a huge fan! I think it is the best Christmas present I’ve ever got him – it keeps him happy all month!"
Jess W - October 2011

"The magazine is brilliant and has been a (bee) life saver in the last year. As a relatively new beekeeper it has been invaluable!"
Sarah F - November 2013

"Very helpful & interesting articles for all age groups and experience levels"
Mrs M Taylor - April 2008

"We really enjoy Beecraft and appreciate all the effort that goes in to producing a great magazine for us Beekeepers. Nice blend of information, science and updates! "
C Anderson - February 2019

"We don't have too much heather in the suburbs of Southend, Essex, but I found your article extremely interesting, and the comb arrangement will make me think about mine.  I don't think I'll be outside much though.Thanks for all your timely reminders, they are really useful."
Pat - Southend Div EBKA