Did you notice the deliberate mistake last week?  Wax moth eggs  are not the black dots in the silk trails. These are the droppings of wax moth larvae. The eggs are small and white and usually hidden away in corners of boxes and frames - you have to try hard to spot them.   

Having clarified that point, let’s move on.

We’re all currently washing our hands on a much more frequent basis and depending on what you use this can dry your skin dreadfully.  We have a terrific little booklet on how to make beeswax skin creams for use at home and now would seem to be an ideal time to give these a try.  It is downloadable and the “recipes” require very little by way of ingredients - well worth having a go. 

The graphic at the bottom of the page will take you to view the other available booklets. 

If you do decide to get this little booklet, while you’re on our website why not take a look at some of the articles.  Last week I mentioned preparations for swarm prevention.  One of our articles, written by the late Adrian Waring NDB, entitled Swarm Control is well worth a read. 

Our May edition will be distributed to our print and digital subscribers within the next few days, so keep a look out on your doormat and in your inbox.  I've had a sneak preview and it's looking GOOD!  If you're not a subscriber you can buy it as a single edition on our website as new subscriptions taken out now will run from our June issue.

Stay safe.

Wendy and the BeeCraft team


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