Did you know that you can place ‘for sale’ and ‘wanted’ classified adverts in our magazine?  Do you have an excess of honey or wax to sell?  Or do you want to buy some?  Do you have nucs, queens, colonies, equipment to sell or are you looking for a supplier? The advertising rates are exceptionally good and an ideal way to reach potential purchasers. All listings will be featured in the magazine and on our website.

It may seem really early to be thinking about it, but it’s probably time to book use of the extractor from your association as they are generally in heavy demand in the autumn.   

Or maybe you are thinking about buying an extractor of your own.  They do come up for sale secondhand occasionally so it is worth taking a look to see if you can pick up a good quality one.

There are a few things to think about before making this big investment which, if you do purchase, will last you probably throughout your beekeeping life!   

Do you want manual or electric?  Plastic or stainless steel?  Radial or tangential?  How many frames do you want to extract at a time?   How much storage space do you have for this equipment?

This all boils down to the number of colonies you have, whether honey production is your primary aim and the size of frames you want to extract, super or brood.  As an example, a 20-frame extractor can extract 20 super frames, or 8 brood frames and 12 supers. So if you use only brood frames for honey, just be aware.  Extractors are expensive items so do find this out before you purchase something which won’t match your needs.

Finally, as promised last week, more information on OSR.  Simply go to our News section and click on 'Beekeeping for Beginners' where you will find an article called 'Bricks or Butter'.

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