It’s arrived! Our lovely new book Bee Space to Bee Hive is on our shelves! The time and dedication by many beekeepers over so many years have brought us to where we are - something we take for granted. Do you understand what bee space is?  Do you know how many variations of hive there are? I am sure there were always doubts about the veracity of new information/observations and the effectiveness of any new equipment - much like today!  A really interesting read with lots of valuable knowledge to be acquired.

The Morris Board Method of Queen Rearing - Bee Craft Digital Download Booklet So how is your swarming seasoning going? What success are you achieving with new queens?  Is this something you do simply as a result of your swarm prevention measures/colony increase, or do you go in for Queen rearing?  Have you tried the Morris Board method described in our booklet?

Swarming reports indicate that it is either manic or not happening depending on where you are and what other breeds of honeybee are close by.

Do you give your bees a brood break in the spring/summer?  By creating nucs or splitting colonies it creates a natural break in brood rearing while waiting for new queens to emerge, be mated and start laying. This means there will be very little sealed brood for varroa to develop in and so acts as an effective part of varroa control. 

Don’t forget Father’s Day orders - subscription or book - need to be placed by 16th June to ensure delivery in time, given the current possible delays in the postal service.

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