Great news!  Our second new book this year, Bee Hive to Beekeeper, the companion book to Bee Space to Bee Hive, will be in stock in the early part of  September and advance orders can be placed in our shop.



As promised last week, more on feeding, but here I will simply refer you to our excellent article on this topic on our website. It contains more information than I could include here.

In the apiary, this is the time that external predators may appear at your hives, if they haven’t already. Wasps or maybe the dreaded Asian hornets. 

Wasps - reduce the entrances to make entry more difficult for them and easier for your bees to defend.  If necessary put up wasp traps which will also serve to capture any Asian hornets if they put in an appearance. 

Keep your eyes peeled for hawking Asian hornets and report, with photo, via the Asian Hornet App or the contacts in the Asian Hornet update page on our website.  Dead samples should be avoided (unless found dead) as live ones, when marked, will aid tracking back to their nest. 

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