Halloween is coming!   How would you feel to be faced with this in trick or treat??  

It is the Giant Asian Hornet, more commonly known as the Murder Hornet, photographed by Sam Droege in the USA which is, I understand, where they arrived earlier this year.  Thankfully they have not arrived in the UK! 

Sam takes the most magnificent photographs of a variety of bees and other insects, a selection of which will be included on our website over the coming months. 

In the meantime, we are really looking forward to taking part in the first virtual National Honey Show next week 22-24 October.   

Here’s a message from Anne who will be taking over the Timely Reminders from me next week in the run up to the Show. 

Join us and our very special guests in a series of exclusive short videos available throughout the Show.  

Meet Tom Seeley, Sammy Ramsey, Martin Benscik and Sarah Wyndham Lewis amongst others in Bee Craft Cameos. Discover who’s tooting, quacking, piping, tasting, singing and creating plus join more of our contributors who share their passion for all things bees.   

Find Bee Craft Cameos on the homepage. And don’t miss a visit to the virtual trade hall where there will be some exceptional special offers.

Register now for the free packed three-day event www.honeyshow.co.uk

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