Are you thinking about preparing for honey removal and extraction and finding a full super is too heavy? Why not use nucs? Each nuc will comfortably hold 5 frames and makes the job of carrying those lovely full frames of honey much easier, and safer for your back, whether from your garden or your out apiary.


I’m sure you have booked the extractor from your association so do you have:

  • a large tray in which to stand your super/nuc;
  • a tray to uncap on;
  • uncapping fork or knife;
  • double strainer;
  • honey buckets;
  • spare strainers or extractor bags and additional buckets to drain the cappings;
  • old newspapers to cover the floor - particularly if borrowing the kitchen;
  • wipeable or washable aprons whether or not you’re a messy worker!

Don’t forget to pop any frames of cut comb into your freezer for 24 hours or until you are ready to cut it out.  

Keep an eye open on our articles and Asian Hornet Update pages.   Don't worry - the updates and information are coming from Jersey and everything we can learn from their activities the better.


Bee Space to Beehive

This book provides a fascinating insight into how beehives, beekeeping equipment and beekeeping methods have developed over the centuries.  Lengthy observation enabled the discovery of the importance of bee space by Revd LL Langstroth, and after this discovery the ingenuity of many beekeepers have solved numerous problems associated with colony management. 
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