Now is the time to think about recycling frames for re-use next year.  

For detailed information on Steam Cleaning your frames and hives, our co-editor Richard Rickitt wrote a comprehensive article which appeared in our February 2018 edition and is now one of the articles on our website.

If you are concerned about wax moth, then treatment with acetic acid would be an option.  We have an excellent article on the Safe Use and Handling of Acetic Acid on our website, written by Claire Waring which also appeared in our October 2019 edition. 

Please note: it does say in the article, but do be aware that acetic acid corrodes concrete and metal. Metal ends and runners can be removed or protected with a layer of petroleum jelly. 

One of my colleagues will be doing this treatment shortly and will leave everything sealed up over winter.  Then all you need to do is unseal them when you do your first inspection and ventilate the combs and equipment before storing it for use as required.

There is also an excellent description of how to do it

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