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Now is the time, and hopefully the weather will permit an opportunity to give your bees a thorough inspection for disease. 

If you suspect a problem, do make sure you follow it up with a call to a more experienced beekeeper or direct to your local Bee Inspector whose details can be found on Beebase/National Bee Unit website mentioned last week.

If all is well, simply keep a record of what you see.  How many frames of brood?  Is there BIAS (Brood In All Stages)?   Eggs will tell you the queen is alive and well if you don’t manage to see her.  How many frames of stores and pollen?  Are there frames that the bees obviously don’t like which could be replaced with drawn comb or alternatively that you will need to replace in the spring?  Double or triple check dark frames as it is difficult to see eggs in those if they are present.

All this information will be very useful to you and trust me, you won’t remember, so do keep your records.  This is where the Apiary Guide Multipack that you purchased earlier will come in really handy for both the photographs and record cards it contains.

If you opt to use a varroa treatment that is temperature sensitive, now is the best time to insert it. Note the insertion date on your colony records and put the removal date on your calendar so you don’t forget to take it out. You don’t want to leave it in over winter by mistake!

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