Now is the time to check for varroa in your colonies and plan any treatment that might be required.  Looking to avoid the use of chemicals?  Professor Tom Seeley has written an article on treatment-free beekeeping for our August issue which our subscribers will receive soon.

There are several methods of treatment including integrated pest management (covered in our Apiary Guide Multipack) and a number of products available from beekeeping suppliers. We had a comprehensive article on this in our July 2018 edition which has been added to the articles on our website, so take a look here for some options too.

Remember, if you opt for treatment it is important to vary the product each year to prevent resistance developing and observe the guidelines of each product.  Each colony is different, so only treat those that need it.

Extraction followed by treatment will arrive all too quickly now, so do get your plans and equipment organised.  Slide in your varroa trays in the next couple of weeks and check them the following week.  

Having mentioned our August issue, this also includes details of the composition of a swarm by Wally Shaw, a very unusual location for hives and an article entitled ‘Serene beekeeping’ which sounds really intriguing.  Insights from the ten years of the NBU’s surveys are reviewed and Dr Martin Bencsik talks about the research breakthrough towards predicting swarm alerts.   So much to absorb in addition to our usual articles including those for new beekeepers and avid gardeners for pollinators.  Single copies of this or, while stocks last, issues from earlier months can be bought online.  

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