Our newsletter will be out shortly telling you our July edition will soon be arriving.  Our co-editor, Richard, was called to investigate a possible hive intruder this month - what was it?  You’ll need to read the story to find out!  We have articles on imported bees in relation to the UK and the Indian Himalayas and we ask how comfortable you are in handling your bees.  Along with all our regular features of course.

Setting up and Managing an Apiary Site - Bee Craft Digital Download Booklet If you are waiting for your bees to arrive, are you looking at setting up your apiary, or setting up in a new location?  Our booklet on this topic has some useful pointers for new beekeepers, and even some for those more experienced.  No matter how long you have been a beekeeper there are always suggestions that you pick up from others - even those new to the hobby can provide useful ideas.

Do make sure that you make your hive benches to a sensible height.  Too low and you will suffer severe backache from bending.  Remember that you will only be inspecting the bottom single, or possibly double, brood box so it is relatively easy to determine the optimal height.  

Some hives have the frames aligned to run from side to side, but others from front to back.  If they run from front to back make sure you can stand easily to the side of the hive so you don’t have to twist to take them out.  It’s easy to make a mistake on this, particularly if you have more than one colony per bench and some frames can be heavy, even in the brood box.

As an addition, why not have a table available, made from an old pallet perhaps with legs, standing alongside your colonies on which to place the roof and any supers that have to be removed if you need to inspect the brood.  

If you use a queen excluder, do make sure when you remove it that you check for the queen before placing on top of the supers.  You don’t want her to gain access and lay in your honey frames so you can’t extract them!

Did you see the article in our March 2020 edition on DIY wax wraps?  Clear ‘ingredients’ and instructions were provided in a 2-page article.  If you missed it a single back copy can be purchased in our shop.

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