If you put varroa trays in your colonies last week, check the daily drop against the guidelines here, on the National Bee Unit website.  

Just a quick one this week to ask for your help please.

If you are a subscriber to our amazing magazine:

Could you?  Write a review of one the Bee Craft books that you’ve purchased from us?

Should you?  Well, it would let other people know if it’s what they are looking for and assist their purchasing.

Would you?  Be kind enough to login to your account, click on 'Your Reviews', find the book and write a few words. 

We would really appreciate it. Unfortunately if you purchased the book as a guest, you won’t be able to do this even if you are a subscriber. 

Not a subscriber?  Believe me,  you really are missing out.  It's a terrific publication in its own right and we commission highly experienced and knowledgable beekeepers to write some of THE VERY BEST beekeeping books on the market.  

We aim to help you become the very best beekeeper you can be and take the greatest care of your precious pollinators.  We think Langstroth would have taken out a subscription to Bee Craft had we been in print in the 1800s!

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