The weather seems to have taken a turn towards winter with the days getting shorter, the nights getting longer and a definitely cooler temperature throughout. 

If you still have feeders on your colonies it is probably time to remove them as the bees may not take down any more syrup.

Check your records and make sure you have marked on your calendar the due date for the removal of any varroa treatment. 

October 2020 Edition Only Our October issue has a great article by Richard on maintaining your equipment prior to storage.  You have around three weeks now to make a list of your equipment needs for next year in order to take advantage of any of the traders’ offers at the Honey Show Online Conference next month.  Time spent on this has the potential to keep money in your pocket which has to be worthwhile!  Free registration for the NHS Online Conference will be open soon, so don’t leave it until the last minute.

Maybe you think it is a prudent time to buy some fondant and pollen substitute as these may be required before the next trade show in the Spring. 

The Boy Scout motto is always particularly relevant for beekeeping - be prepared!

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