Our June magazine has hit the inboxes and doormats (whichever is appropriate!) and contains an article comparing polystyrene and wooden hives.  Very useful for the beginner toying with making this decision. The issue also features Scotland twice, one of which is about going to the heather for what is a considered to be the best honey. This article is written by our Scottish representative, Graham, who sends  updates for these Timely Reminders occasionally.  Another TR from him will be coming as the preparations move forward.

https://www.bee-craft.com/uploads/products/12954ddfaca4af87992ad9a1e399c38a/images/large/001_image.jpg Copies of our June magazine are available as a single edition purchase if these topics pique your interest and you don’t already subscribe.

While the weather has been wonderful it is likely to result in flowers going over more quickly. This could mean issues for your bees and we all need to be alert to the possible need to feed at some stage.  We are out of May now and the idea of the ’June gap’ may be even more of a reality this year for many. Simply be aware and maintain vigilance on the weight of your colonies. Our new nucs are coping but if nectar resources drop off, then we may need to feed as is happening elsewhere in the country.  Be careful though as you don’t want the sugar syrup to contaminate your summer honey crop.

When visiting your bees take along a supply of water and a small garden sprayer.  Bees get hot and bothered too and welcome a spray or more on their hives. While it shouldn’t be a substitute for your smoker, a gentle spray of water has a remarkably calming effect when you are inspecting. See what works for you but just leave a little for yourself - a cooling spray is so welcome!

With everything being so tinder dry do be VERY careful with your smoker. When putting it out do so on tarmac, or where there is no grass, and pour some of your hive tool cleaning water over it to be sure it is fully out. It will still be hot and for safety in your vehicle a metal box is recommended for transportation.

How to Make a Solar Wax Extractor - Bee Craft Digital Download Booklet A solar wax extractor would be very useful at present don’t you think? Why not make one using the plans in our downloadable booklet.

And don’t forget Father’s Day is not far away - why not get yours a gift subscription to BeeCraft?


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