Once your extraction is complete, do you store your extracted frames dry or wet?

The extracted supers can be replaced on top of the colony above the crown board.  The bees will go through the feed hole and clean the extracted frames, taking any excess honey back into the colony. The frames can then be removed and stored dry in the supers.  Store the supers over a clean queen excluder and put a queen excluder over the top stored super, with a clean crown board on top under a spare roof.  That way mice and rats can't gain access and the supers will be ventilated.

If you store them wet, ensure you place the supers on a tray and put sheets of newspaper between the supers to prevent any potential transfer of wax moth between boxes if they are present in one.   Not taking this prevention could result in wax moth invading a full stack of supers rendering your extracted comb useless in the following year. 

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