Our September magazine will shortly be arriving with you.  It has a really important article on Lyme’s disease to watch out for - there have been some nasty stories about that this year - and among our other stories and regular articles, this month’s interesting overseas contribution is about a location with a difference, Singapore.    

Do take a look at our two new books.  The ‘sample’ page of each book gives detail of the content and a chapter for you to read.  If you decide to buy why not take advantage of our Special Offer.

Do you have a question for Bee Craft? Our co-editors Richard and Stephen are keen to hear from you and provide some answers.  With beekeeping you are never alone and undoubtedly others have wondered the same.

The National Bee Unit have recently issued a starvation alert,  so read up on our article on feeding linked in the Timely Reminder last week.

Whatever stage of beekeeping activity you have reached, enjoy the good weather when you have it!  For many it is the final run down unless your bees have access to Himalayan balsam, rosebay willowherb (and ivy a bit later on) which could either produce another crop, or simply help to replenish the stores in your hives.  Anything can happen so it is important not to rely totally on these for winter stores for your bees. 

Many hives are being brought back from the heather and next week we’ll have a report from Graham in Scotland who has done just that.

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