Latest information at 10th September

A further sighting was confirmed on 9th September south west of Ashford in Kent, the third this year, resulting in the capture of a single hornet.

The nest in the Tamworth area of Staffordshire has been located and destroyed. The sighting in New Milton in Hampshire resulted in the capture of a single hornet.

It has not been specified whether the single hornets were queens.

Well done to all those involved with the sighting, tracking, capture and nest destruction as appropriate.

Interestingly, the first two sightings this year were reported by members of the public. This must be seen as a good sign that the work taking place to promote the danger and need to report sightings is successfully extending beyond the beekeeping fraternity.  This needs to be maintained by all beekeepers.

Asian Hornet week 9th - 16th September 2019

If you’ll be at home, then spend some extra time in your apiaries watching for this invader.  Make sure you have all necessary contact details. 

If you are going abroad, before you go you might like to refresh or put up traps in your apiaries. This was actually how an autumn sighting was discovered last year, so well worth the effort. If taking your own vehicle to go camping or in your motorhome don't forget to have a look in your equipment/vehicle when departing to make sure you don't unsuspectingly carry home an Asian hornet.

If you are holidaying in the UK, you could take some traps with you!  See the link below for details.  

Asian hornet trap

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Just remember:

  • the importance of taking a photograph or trapping a suspect and reporting it to enable confirmation as a matter of priority - send to the Non-Native Species Secretariat
  • if the location of a nest is found, do not attempt to deal with it yourself